Kit Home Care


Kit Home Care

4 x 300ml

  • 1-Deep Cleansing Shampoo 300ML
  • 2-Nutree Smoothing Balm 300ML
  • 3-Nutree Smoothing Shampoo 300ML
  • 4-Lissage Fluide Reparateur 300ML


Formula developed with high technology and amino acids, compatible with any che- mistry present in the hair. It leaves hair smooth and healthy looking, moisturized from root to tip. It does not need pre-smoothing. It does not burn the eyes. It provides prolonged smoothing effect, supplying more lightness and softness. The hair gains balance and intense shine. It transforms the capillary structure gently. In wavy hair, it produces a smooth effect and in curly hair, it controls excessive volume and frizz offering luster and hydration.

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