About us

Our company

Inspired by an ancient Egyptian deity, female beauty protectress, placed in the international capital of charm and elegance, this is why the brand HATHOR MILANO has been created. A magical union rooted in the night of the times, but which really does not know it. Because the cult of beauty does not age but pass through the ages: always in the heart and in the most secret desires of every woman. We have the dream to be the bearers of this gift everywhere in the world. And as in those times, in the cradle of a mysterious and fascinating millennial culture, where every woman were used to carry a goddess statuette,a blessed and propitiatory sign of beauty, Today we give life to the same atavistic and powerful talismans: Hathor Milano products. With more gear than others: all Italian style.

The Factory

Hathor Milano Is A Italian Cosmetic Industry. We Manufacture Products With Differential In Quality And Innovation, With Result Assets, Focusing On The Natural With The Use Of Essential Oils And Noble Raw Materials Of High Standard And Sophistication. We always surch for the best there is.